A box of discounts

 How are the prices so low?


Compared to most local brick and mortar stores the volumes of these outlet stores are significantly higher. That means they can negotiate for better rates and pass those savings on down.


There's also lower overhead costs, instead of maintaining 20 small stores that are all spread out, with the cost of employees, rent, security, etc they only have the website and the warehouse to worry about.


How much can I save?


Up to 75% off local retail prices.


Do I have to pay any sales tax?


Another way that you save money is by bypassing any sales taxes, as internet retailors can avoid charging customers these.


Is shipping really free?


Most of the companies we recommend offer free shipping. Generally to qualify you need to spend a minimum (Normally $100 or so)


Can I trust that these diamonds are real?


We only recommend companies that have been around for a long time with a history of offering the best in diamonds and jewelry.


Will my girlfriend think less of me for buying a ring online?


You can buy her a better ring for the same amount of money that you were planning on spending. If it's issue buy one locally, but if you want an impressive ring than the internet is a good option.


Is my credit card safe?


All the stores that we feature offer a minimum of 128 bit data encryption, ensuring that your card is safe.

a box of savings