Why Shop Online:
A box of discounts

Shopping online for jewelry offers many benefits over the traditional way of shopping for jewelry.


Cheaper Prices - Save big money. Online Jewelry stores have lower overhead costs, instead of maintaining 20 small stores that are all spread out, with the cost of employees, rent, security, etc they only have the website and the warehouse to worry about.


Furthermore, they are normally larger than local brick and mortar stores, meaning they can negotiate discount volume rates and pass those savings on to you.


No Sales Tax - Need we say more?


No Pressure - Don't you hate it when you go into a store and you are pestered. Jewelry stores have a bad reputation for this. The clerk will judge how much you can afford to spend based on how you are dressed, she'll try and sell you jewelry that she thinks you can afford. So if you go in dressed in your gym wear after a workout she'll assume that you are broke. If you go after  work in a business suit she'll assume you want to spend a ridiculous sum of money.


Then they have the audacity to recommend that you should spend 6 months earnings on an engagement ring. Seriously who comes up with this? Spend what you are most comfortable with, without going broke, and shop from the comfort of home with no one nagging you. 



a box of savings